Tool suppliers

You will need a well-equipped toolbox to complete DIY jobs at home. However, the question of what to include therein is what leaves many people confused. It is annoying to keep on, taking breaks to look for additional tools when the job is already halfway done. However, you can contact tool suppliers to get help in making a decision about what your toolbox should not lack.

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How to arrange your toolbox

Just because you have everything you need, it does not mean you will have an easy time working. You need to ensure everything is placed at an easy-to-locate place and properly labeled. You will be frustrated every time you have to find something if your toolbox is in a mess. Tools which are used occasionally can be rented if you do want to save on money. However, it is still okay to buy them if you can afford.

Ensure your toolbox has the following tools

1) Screwdriver

This item is frequently used in the house. It is better if you have a set containing different kinds of screws so that you can open different kinds of items. You should get Phillips or flat-head screwdrivers of various sizes. Ensure the tips have a comfortable grip and have magnetic power to make the work easier.

2) Claw hammer

When you do not have at least one solid hammer then you cannot say that your toolbox is complete. One end of the claw hammer is designed to pull out nails, while the other one is for driving them inside. The weight of the hammer is critical because it will determine the ease of the job. Go for one, which weights at least 1 pound and has a handle measuring more than 16 inches. Handles made of vinyl, plastic or rubber offer a better grip and have shock absorption properties.

3) Pliers

You will find vise grips, pliers wrenches, adjustable pliers, locking or lever-wrench pliers in the market during your search. Because of their ability to lock, you can also use them as clamps, to cut wires and many more. The recommended size should be between 5-10W.

4) Tape measure

Measuring is very essential in completing DIY chores. In addition, you should not cut when in doubt. Ensure you have measured twice. Tape measures can be or 1-inch wide. It is easier for those with wider widths to be supported by one hand as you continue with your job. Get such when you are working on the projects alone.

5) Utility knife

This knife comes in handy when you have to sharpen your marking pencils, opening boxes, and scrapping loose paint off the walls. Ensure the knife has a rubber handle and has a built-in slot for storing the blade. Also, make sure it is sharp to avoid taking too long when cutting items. However, do not just pick a knife from your kitchen for this purpose. It will not be ideal.


Getting reliable tool suppliers is helpful especially when they are willing to go the extra mile in helping you find what you need. Some will offer you advice freely on various subjects. If you find such a supplier then you ought to nurture and maintain the relationship for as long as possible. Also, ensure you are familiar with the projects you are working on before you start or get help.